Home Buyer Guide

to Kelowna & Area

Open The Door To Kelowna Real Estate with Sharon Black’s Home Buyer Guide.

Buying a home could be the single most valuable purchase you will ever make. It certainly can assist in your future net worth as you build equity in your home. No one ever wants to make a costly mistake, which is why working with Sharon Black can save you time and dollars.

When renting, you are paying into someone else’s mortgage and not your own. You work hard for your money, so why not invest in yourself and put those hard earned dollars into your own mortgage, investing in your future.

"Your Value Matters"

Sharon Black has taken her knowledge and experience of 30 + successful Real Estate years and created a Home Buyer’s Guide to home ownership. The Home Buyer’s Guide also includes content from other professional sources such as CMHC and CREA. This step by step Home Buyers Guide will enable you to determine the type of homeownership that is right for you, the style of property that is best suited to your needs, as well as determine your affordability. Also in this section you will find links to informative articles highlighting mortgages, legal representation, the offer document, the offer process, closing costs, funding, moving and possession. Sharon Black takes the apprehension out of the buying process. Buying a home should be fun and feel like an adventure!

CREA Buyers Guide